We’re The Only Ones Who Print Them on Fine Art Canvas

Are we the only ones who make these Film Scrolls? We believe that we were the ones who started the trend but we aren’t the only ones now.

But we’re the only ones who prints them on Fine Art Canvas

Yes, you heard us. We print them on archival-grade fine art canvas, to be more specific – Made-in-Germany Hahnemuhle Daguerre Fine Art Canvas. Hahnemuhle describes it as a bright white, acid-free, lignin-free poly-cotton canvas. That’s just the technical bit. Here’s how it translates to you in real terms – bright white gives you brighter pictures with better contrast and that’s always a good thing. Acid-free means scrolls that will last for generations. Add that to the fact it’s a very durable canvas.

We turn our Film Scrolls into Works of Art!

It may not be the most practical but that’s the only we want it to be. Nothing we do here is about practicality anyway.

Rachel Minn Lee’s e-zine made from our Medium Format Film Rolls.

Our Film Scrolls + authentic 1970s Kodak Film Container (back from the days where plastic wasn’t invented yet)

Combining quirkyness + art – our very own version of Wedding Invitations.