The Vintage

For the longest time, we’ve been agonising whether to transform some of our vintage film canisters into USB drives.  We love collecting vintage stuff and as film photographers, these vintage film canisters are must-have treasures.

Vintage Film Canister USB Drives made from genuine vintage 35mm film canisters

We decided to bite the bullet and transform just two from our personal collection into USB drives. The first is the Kodak PLUS-X black & white film which dates back to the 1960s and the other is an Agfacolor CNS which we believe is a decade older.

Leather finishing Vintage Film Canister USB Drive

We’ve given these vintage treasures a leather touch – a brown rustic leather for the Kodak Plus-X and dark brown Milleni leather for the Agfacolor CNS. Both film canisters are fitted with flash drive chipset made by Samsung TLC, the same flash drives we’ve been using for most of our Made-To-Order Film Canister USB Drives.

Each Vintage Film Canister USB Drive comes with a cotton bag handmade with a rustic brown leather cord.

Cotton bag with leather cord

Just Two!

That’s right, we just have two available. That’s as much as we are willing to sacrifice from our personal collection for now.