How to Submit Your Photos to Us?

Here’s a simple Step-by-Step Guide on how to send your Photos & Message to us, along with the answers to some of your questions – what photos to submit to us? How long should the message be? 

How many Photos?

Send us about 10 photos. We’ll usually select about 6-10 depending on the photos and also the length of your message.

If you’ve purchased the Cover Photo option, do include a landscape orientation (wide) photo. Subject in focus should be either on the left side or in the center.

What Photos should I send?

Because the Film Scroll is quite small, we recommend selecting photos where faces are larger and can be clearly seen. A mix of portrait (tall) and landscape (wide) photos is also recommended.

Sending Photos & Message

You can either send the photos via a Dropbox/Google Drive/WeTransfer link or you can send them to us as image attachments to our email at

Design & Review

Once we’ve received the photos, we’ll pick the best images and we’ll create the artwork for you. You’ll get to review the artwork before it goes into actual production.



Frequently Asked Questions


How flexible is the Scroll layout?

The layout of the Scroll is very flexible. There is really no set number of photos or message length. The rule of thumb is the longer your message the lesser the space for photos and vice versa.


The Film Scroll layout can be designed in a myriad of ways and format, from photo-heavy, message-focus, multi-lingual to monochrome scrolls.

Do I have to edit the photos for you?

You don’t need to. Just leave everything to us.

How long can my Message be?

The longer your message is, the less photos you can have on the Scroll. If you really must both, we suggest you take a look at our Twin Scroll.

Can I use cursive/handwritten fonts?

If your message is short, cursive font is a possible option. Cursive fonts usually work well for larger fonts. You can use that for short messages. For long messages which require the text to be a lot smaller, we usually use a more readable (non-cursive) font.

Do I need to submit high res photos?

The general rule of thumb is higher resolution photos make better prints. So, yes but it’s alright if you don’t have them (in high resolution) as the photos on the Scrolls aren’t very big.

Can I design my own Film Scroll?

Most certainly. Just drop us a note and we’ll send you a template.