“The Original” Personalised Film Scroll / 35mm Film

Personalised Film Scroll made with recycled 35mm Film Canisters. Designed and handmade with your own Photos & Message.

A unique gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Father & Mother’s Day, as Friendship Notes, Thank You Notes. Some folks even use them as Proposal Scrolls.

Printed on Made-in-Germany Hahnemuhle Fine Art Canvas.

Pick your favourite film canisters!

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Unique Photo Film Roll Gift made from 35mm film rolls. This Photo Film Roll Gift artwork is designed with your own Photos & Message. An excellent gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Father & Mother’s Day, as Friendship Notes, Thank You Notes. Some of our customers have even used our Personalised Film Scroll as a Proposal Scroll.

How many Photos can I have? How do I order?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide.

Film Canister Options

  • Kodak (Yellow & Black) – Kodak Gold, Portra, TMax, TRI-X series.
  • FujiColor (Green & White) – Superia X-Tra series.
  • Black & White – Generic & Kodak 800 series.

Note: Film Canisters do bear the original blemish and scratch marks as these are all recycled film canisters. As much as possible, we try to keep the “imperfections” to the minimal. 

Optional Upgrade

Jazz up the vintage vibe with our collection of  Authentic 1960s Vintage Film Container.

What Customers are Saying about our Film Scrolls?

“This gift was phenomenal! So beautifully crafted and the image quality was amazing also.”

“I handed it to him in the deceptively simple-looking film tin that I bought as an add on, and watched in glee as his expression changed from puzzled, to curious, to straight-up teary as he pulled on the scroll and each photo revealed itself. He said it was his favourite gift that I’d ever gotten him.”

“The quality and texture of the paper scroll is gorgeous. I hope to order more as cute ‘time capsules’ for me and my boyfriend. I felt like this was way more meaningful than a regular card”

How do I Unscroll or Rewind the Film Scroll?

Check out this video –

Production Timeline

Takes about 1-3 days to make.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship to anywhere in the world.

Note: GST, VAT & Import Tax (if there’s any) NOT included with shipping cost.  


Film Canisters: Recycled genuine 35mm film canisters. Scroll: Made-In-Germany Hahnemuhle Fine Art Canvas

Scroll Dimensions

Length: 15 in (35 cm) x Height: 1.2 in (3 cm)

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  1. lwx (verified owner)

    quality of item was as described onsite, and im pleased with the final product! it was a very smooth and friendly transaction, thank you for being so accommodating! would love to purchase again sometime

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