“Pei Pa Kao” Long Personalised Film Scroll / 35mm Film

“Pai Pa Kao” Personalised Film Scroll made with 35mm Film. Made with authentic label salvaged from a used Pei Pa Kao bottle.

Recommended Pairing for this Scroll

1960s Vintage Red GAF Film Canister

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This is the “PEI PA KAO” version of the Personalised Film Scroll.

Based on the highly versatile FILM SCROLL, this is our unique take of an unconventional Greeting Card. Made with 35MM FILM CANISTER and personalised with your own Photos & Message.

When unscrolled, it reveals a beautifully printed Scroll and and can be reeled back into the canister for keepsake.

Authentic Ni Jiom Pei Pa Kao Label

We salvage authentic Ni Jiom Pei Pa Kao label from the original product. This is NOT a re-printed wrapper nor a re-production. It’s the REAL THING salvaged mostly from candy sweets way past their consumption expiry.

Printed on Fine Art Canvas

We are the only ones who do so. Why? Because your photos matter to us! We want only want your photos looking the absolute best, nothing less. Our Scrolls are printed on MADE-IN-GERMANY HAHNEMUHLE FINE ART CANVAS.

How many can each Scroll hold?

Usually, 6-10 photos + a short message. You can also go for less photos with a longer message. You can even have it purely as photo album with no message or a story book where there’s only text and no photos. The possibilities are endless.

How do I submit the Photos?

Here’s a quick guide.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Circa 1970s Aluminium Film Container or GAF Red Film Container

While the Film Scroll already looks as retro as they are, you can up the retro score by a few notches by including an authentic 1970s aluminium film container or the GAF Red Film Container. We would personally recommend the GAF Red Film Container.


Film Canisters: Genuine 35mm film canisters / Scroll: Made-In-Germany Hahnemuhle Fine Art Canvas

Scroll Dimensions

Length: 15in (35cm) / Height: 1.2in (3.2cm)