Different Scroll Lengths, More Creative Possibilities

When we first conceptualised the Personalised Film Scrolls, we designed it as a very versatile product, something that can be customised to fit many purposes. Now, the Film Scrolls comes in different scroll lengths, expanding the creative possibilities and uses.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be just photos. Nothing is stopping you from putting anything on the canvas scrolls. How about an unconventional Wedding Invite for the old-school lovers? Or perhaps a Thank You note of a different kind. Since we’re along that track, why not a Birthday Scroll? Card are just so yesterday. There’s really no limit to the imagination. After all, you have a blank canvas to play with!

Photo Reel / Made from 35mm film canisters / Handmade by The Leather Mallet

Whether you’re a artist or photographer trying to make a unique portfolio that stands out; or if you are a wedding couple trying to plan something vintage and nostalgic for your wedding, we’ll love to do hear from you.

“As a creative person, you’ll wanna start with a
blank canvas”
– Bibhu Mohapatra, Fashion Designer

Drop us a note if you’ll like a free consultation on how you can make use of the Photo Reel/Scroll in numerous creative ways. Tell us what you have in mind and we promise we’ll let our imagination run wild.