Not Your Usual Personalised Photo Gift

This is a Personalised Photo Gift unlike any other. Based on our versatile Film Scroll, create a truly Personalised Photo Gift made from 35mm Film Rolls and custom designed with your own Photos & Story. This is an ideal gift not just for Anniversaries & Birthdays but for any celebrations and occasions really.

We’ll create a Film Scroll custom-made from your Photos & Message Story. Just send us your photos & tell us your story and we’ll do the rest for you, from conceptualisation right up to the completed Scroll artwork.

We Don’t Use Templates


We don’t use templates. We literally start from a blank canvas. We’ll craft out the artwork based on the photos & story you’ve told us. We can design the Scroll in a myriad of ways – photo-centric, message-driven, free-style layout, multi-lingual, monochrome…you name it and we can probably design it.

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Printed on Fine Art Canvas


北京 by Rachel Minn Lee / Photo Scroll 120 / Handmade by The Leather Mallet

Not just any fine art canvas, but on Made-In-Germany Hahnemühle Fine Art Canvas. Every Scroll we make is a work of art and should rightfully be printed on a medium that is made for that purpose.

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Handmade in Singapore


All our Film Scrolls are made right here in Singapore. We don’t outsource our work to some factory in a remote village. We run a handcrafting workshop, not a sweat shop.

Fast Production + Quick Delivery


Because our Film Scrolls are made near where you live, we can ship it to you fast. We’ve also got our production workflow perfectly fine tuned for optimal quality and maximum efficiency.

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