Looking for an Unusual
Personalised Greeting Card?

Take a peek at our Personalised Greeting Card Scrolls. Made from upcycled 35mm Films, this is the perfect Personalized Birthday Card and Anniversaries too. Each Scroll is custom designed with your Photos & Message, creating a Personalised Card that is truly unique.

Anniversaries & Birthdays

Our LONG SCROLLS are excellent as Anniversary Gifts and Personalised Birthday Cards as it gives you ample space for photos and a long message. For the outer part of the film canister, you can either keep it’s original factory printed film brand or personalise it further with a Cover Photo.

Short & Sweet

If you like things short and sweet, our SHORT SCROLLS would be a perfect fit. While it also works as a Customised Birthday Card, we usually recommend this for Congratulatory Messages, Thank You Cards, Simple Love Notes and even as a unique I’m Sorry Card.

Handwritten Minus the Hassle

Our Handwritten font Personalised Film Scroll is perfect for those they would like the handwritten look without the hassle of actually handwriting one. Some folk like it for that “added human touch”

Handwritten The Old-Fashioned Way

Our Blank Scrolls are perfect for those who like to handwrite their scroll the old-fashioned way.