Personalised Film Scrolls

We thought we’ll give flash drives a short break and introduce something a little different, but still made from discarded film canisters and spools. Introducing the Made-To-Order Film Scrolls. Unlike the flash drives which store digital images, the Film Scrolls store printed photos, on canvas scrolls. We’re going back to the roots of photography!

Printed on Hahnemühle Monet Canvas / Handmade by The Leather Mallet

As with most of our made-to-order products, we print on Monet canvas fine art, made by renown German paper manufacturer, Hahnemühle.


FILM SCROLL / 35mm Film version


From the exterior, this Film Scroll has a striking resemblance to our Made-To-Order Flash Drives, both are made from used 35mm film canisters, but each is made for a different purpose. Each Scroll stores up to 12 (6×4) printed images that can be manually un-reeled to reveal a long printed canvas strip.

Photo Reel / Made from 35mm film canisters / Handmade by The Leather Mallet

Photo Reel / Made from 35mm film canisters / Handmade by The Leather Mallet


FILM SCROLL / Medium Format version


This Film Scroll is something quite different and probably our first product making use of something from the medium format world. This Film Scroll is in many ways like the 35mm version, but made from a medium format (120 format) film spool.

Photo Scroll / Handmade by The Leather Mallet

Each spool holds up to 12 square images mimicking medium format’s 12 (6×6) frames. The images on the Photo Scrolls are considerably larger than the Photo Reel.

Each Film Scroll is held together by a dark brown rustic leather cord, just to give it a vintage touch.

Rustic Calf Leather Cord / Photo Scroll / Made by The Leather Mallet

Photo Scroll / Made from used medium format (120) take-up spool / Handmade by The Leather Mallet