Personalised Film Scrolls

A Quick Overview

The multiple variants of our highly versatile Personalised Film Scrolls can be a tad confusing because they can be designed and used in so many ways. Here’s a quick overview of the different variants and what they are best for.

Anniversaries & Birthdays

Our LONG SCROLLS are excellent as Anniversary Gifts and Personalised Birthday Cards as it gives you ample space for photos and a long message. For the outer part of the film canister, you can either keep it’s original factory printed film brand or personalise it further with a Cover Photo.

Handwritten Minus the Hassle

Our Handwritten font Personalised Film Scroll is perfect for those they would like the handwritten look without the hassle of actually handwriting one.

Short & Sweet

If you like things short and sweet, our SHORT SCROLLS would be a perfect fit. While it also works as a Customised Birthday Card, we usually recommend this for Congratulatory Messages, Thank You Cards, Simple Love Notes and even as a unique I’m Sorry Card.

Handwritten The Old-Fashioned Way

Our Blank Scrolls are perfect for those who like to handwrite their scroll the old-fashioned way with a pen. Comes complete with a Scribble Pad so you can test your pen out before writing the actual message.

More Photos + Longer Message

Though not as instantly recognisable as the Film Scrolls, the Film Roll 120 has twice the printed space (compared to the Scrolls) which makes it perfect for a more interesting layout, more photos and a longer message.

For the Dog Lovers

Made Specially for folks who loves dogs. It’ll probably work for cat lovers too.

For the Photography Lovers

A lot of what we do are really made for photographers because we photographers too.