Leather Selection

Left to Right: “Rustic” Brown, Dark Brown “Minelli”, Burgundy “Sangria”

Leather Selection


Top to Bottom: “Rustic” Brown, Dark Brown “Minelli”, Burgundy “Sangria”


Dark Brown “Minelli”

The buttery soft “Minelli” leather has been the staple choice for handcrafters making garments, handbags and other fashion accessories, but we love it for a simple fact that it’s excellent for book making as well – very understated and never to ostentatious. This is an excellent choice for those who are going for a more conventional looking leather-binded book. Material: Calf Leather. Colour: Dark Brown

Burgundy “Sangria”

It’s really hard to describe or put a colour to this leather. Tanned slightly towards the Dark Blackish Red/Burgundy (hence the name “Sangria”), this leather is the perfect choice for those who prefer a “softer” look. It is little wonder why the “Sangria” is especially popular among the ladies. Material: Calf Leather. Colour: Deep Burgundy

“Rustic” Brown

The “Rustic” Brown leather is a wonderful alternative if you’re going for an old-school vintage look. Scars and blemishes are part of the characteristics of the “Rustic” raw hide. It is for those reasons why this leather is our personal favourite, but that’s just us (we’re nostalgic that way). Material: Calf Leather. Colour: Brown