Made-To-Order Film Canister Flash Drives

The Made-To-Order Film Canister Flash Drives brings a whole new level of personalisation to something already as quirky as a film canister flash drive.

With this Made-To-Order, you can now have your own artwork and design a Film Canister Flash Drive that is exclusively and uniquely yours.

The Origins

The history of the Made-To-Order actually pre-dates The Leather Mallet. This product has been with us for a couple of years, exclusively made for our clients from our film photography projects. Now, we’ll like to bring this to a wider audience.

Film Canister Flash Drives made with genuine 35mm film canisters

Hahnemühle Monet Canvas

The artwork for the Made-To-Order is printed on the Monet fine art canvas, made by renowned German fine art paper manufacturer, Hahnemühle. The Monet canvas has been something we’ve been working with for many years primarily for fine art and photography reproductions. How we came about using the Monet for our film canisters was something that happened by chance when we were looking for a durable material and something that prints beautifully. The Monet was a natural choice.

Creative Possibilities

The creative possibilities with the Made-To-Order Film Canister Flash Drives is boundless. While these Made-To-Order are made for everyone, artists and photographers would probably find them especially exciting.