It Needn’t Stop At One

One of the most common feedback we get on our Film Scrolls is that there just isn’t enough space to include all the photos they wanted and say all the things they wanted to say, squeezed into a short 14 in scroll. Unfortunately, there is only so much empty space one film canister has and a 14 in 350gsm canvas strip is really as long as it goes.

One of the interesting fact about Film Scrolls is that you can go beyond simple messages as you would with conventional greeting cards. You can tell a story with this Scroll, something we’ve seen a lot of our customers doing when they purchase these Film Scrolls.

Why not a Twin Scroll Set?

Like we said, it needn’t stop at one. Why not a Twin Scroll? A Trio perhaps, a Quad isn’t a far fetched idea either. Think about is as watching Netflix’s Money Heist Part 1 – 4 and we’re all eagerly waiting for Part 5.

More Scrolls = Better Story

Some heartfelt words are just hard to be compressed into one short sentence. It’ll simply lose its essence. And some stories are meant to be said in parts. That’s where having more than one Film Scrolls would make total sense.

So, when you do decide to purchase Film Scrolls from us, just remember it needn’t always be just one. This is not to say one scroll won’t work. It does, marvelously in fact. Ask any of our customers who have purchased single Film Scrolls. Like we’ve watched gorgeous short films, we’ve also watched amazing mini series that runs for seasons. So, it’s a question of what you want out of these magic scrolls.