Made-To-Order Film Canister Flash Drive

Our Film Canister Flash Drives are made from 35mm film canisters. If you’re born before the late 1980s, chances are you’ll have used one of these. Nothing shouts old-school louder than a flash drive made from a genuine 35mm film canister.

Aluminium Zinc flash drives


The “Classics”

Film Canister Flash Drives made with genuine 35mm film canisters

The “Classics” series of our Film Canister Flash Drives are handmade from our private stash of film canisters. We kept the film canisters in original condition. As such, you’ll see slight marks and scuffing as one would expect from a used canister. You’ll see the likes of Agfa, Fuji Film, Ilford and Kodak. If you cannot find a particular brand and type in our store, drop us a note and we’ll try to source one for you.

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The Made-To-Order series of our flash drive brings personalisation to a whole new level. Now you can design your own Film Canister Flash Drive with your own artwork and photos. We print on Monet fine art canvas made by German paper manufacturer, Hahnemühle. So, you know you are getting nothing short of the best.

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