Film Canister Flash Drive

We decided that the first series of products to be launched at The Leather Mallet should be something that is very close to our hearts. The Film Canister Flash Drives are made from our private stash of empty film canisters that we have collected from our various projects as film photographers. We are huge fans of black & white photography, so it is indeed apt that the first set of Film Canister Flash Drive are made from used black & white film canisters that are still in use by photographers today.

Our private stash of used 35mm film canisters

Most of these films are kept in it’s original condition. As such, you’ll see some slight scratches, scuffing and permanent pen markings as one would expect of any used product. The nature of handmade and used products is such that no two similar items are ever exactly alike. That’s just how handmade products are.

We are currently using flash drives made by Verbatim, something we’ve been using for quite a while now. They are 16GB in capacity, uses a USB 2.0 interface and compatible with both Macs and PC.

Film Canister Flash Drives made with genuine 35mm film canisters

We’ve also given these film canisters a personal touch, a “coloured bottom” that matches the overall colour scheme of the film canister. At the moment, limited quantities are available.

Only LIMITED numbers available!