Frequently Asked Questions

What payment mode do you accept?

Stripe handles all our online payment. We accept major credit cards including Apple Pay & Google Pay.

What currency am I being billed in?

At the moment, you’ll be billed in USD but we are looking at option of accepting other currencies too.

How fast can you ship?

For items that we have available, we ship almost immediately. Customised products takes a little longer, usually 1 – 3 days depending on the complexity of the customisation.

World Wide Express Shipping

Here’s the estimated Delivery Time for countries we often ship to:
Singapore: 1 – 2 days
Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan: 3 – 5 days
Australia: 3 – 6 days
UK: 3 – 6 days
Canada & United States: 3 – 6 days
Do check with us if you’re shipping to countries not listed above. We can most definitely arrange a shipment for you.

GST, VAT & Import Duty

GST, VAT & Import Duty is NOT INCLUDED in the cost which is usually collected at the destination country. As far as we know, only Hong Kong. Macau & United States are exempted from import tax. Do check with us if you’ll like to find out more.

Self Collect

If you’re around the neighbourhood, you can swing by our workshop and pick up the items yourself and perhaps have a chat with us over a cuppa.