“Doggy-Doo” Personalised Scroll

This would be our very first non-film Personalised Scroll and we kept to our philosophy of “giving discarded items a new lease of life”. The “Doggy-Doo” Personalised Scroll is made from discarded EarthRated‘s bio-degradable dog poop bag center core which is also made of recycled cardboard. So, we are recycling it a second time. Yes, we are tree huggers!

Before we go on and further, we would like to make it clear that we are not representing EarthRated in any way. We are just huge fans of their environmentally friendly dog poop bags. It’s such a pity to see the very pretty center core go to waste when we’ve used up all the poop bags.

“Doggy-Doo” vs Film Roll 120 vs Film Scrolls

The “Doggy-Doo” Personalised Scroll is very similar to the Film Roll 120 in terms of scroll height and length. It’s double the space of our all-popular Film Scrolls. The larger scroll space gives us more flexibility in terms of artwork design, the number of photos and message length you can have on the scroll.

Customisable Cotton Bag Artwork

Comes complete with a natural cotton bag (with leather cord) that can be personalised with your favourite dog breed artwork laser-etched on to the bag. Pick a dog breed of your choice!

“Dog Collar”?

We went with a leather lace with this scroll as we wanted something that resembles a dog collar. This is where it’s different from the Film Roll 120. We use leather cords for the Film Roll 120.

“Doggy-Doo” Personalised Scroll beside a fresh EarthRated dog poop bag
When the poop bags are all used up, all that is left is the cardboard center core. Why would anyone let such a pretty thing go into a waste bin?