A Chinese Wedding Invitation Made With 35mm Film Canisters

Decided to take a break from my Handcrafted Audiophile series and back to what got The Leather Mallet started – unique products made from recycled 35mm film canisters. Today, we’ll like to feature a Chinese Wedding Invitation which we made quite a few months back but never really gotten to talking about it. This is not the first Film Wedding Invite we’ve made but it certainly is the first one in Chinese.

Initially, we toyed with the idea of having an English language film scroll and another version in Mandarin but in the end we decided to merge everything into a single dual-language scroll. Of course, it has to be RED. It’s a Chinese Wedding after all.

The film scrolls comes in multi-coloured “stoppers” too, just to give the scroll a fresh splash of bright colours. In case you’re wondering why are these “stoppers” necessary, it prevents from accidentally rewinding the scroll completely into the film canister.

The Film Wedding Invitation scroll is based on our highly versatile Photo Reel.