35mm Film Fridge Magnets

There are 101 ways of repurposing a 35mm film canister. We’ve decided to go with something simpler but still every bit as useful – a 35mm Fridge Magnet.

Embedded Magnet

35mm Film Fridge Magnets / Hidden magnets

We like to keep things in it’s original look and we thought that it shouldn’t be obvious that it’s a fridge magnet at first glance. So, we decided to embed the magnet inside the film canister. Sure, it takes extra effort to carefully pry open the film canister but we were adamant that our 35mm film fridge magnet should look like any normal film canister. The surprise is when you stick it to the fridge. Voila! A fridge magnet.

It’s Strong!

We’re using neodymium magnets, the same type of magnets used in computer hard disk drives.

We’ve a small number in stock

Our 35mm Film Fridge Magnets are now available on our online shop. We do have a have a limited amount in stock but most of them would be made-on-demand.